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Palestinian Detainees Announce Hunger Strike


Wednesday September 28, 2011 08:59 by UFree - Press Release

Palestinians detained in Israeli occupation jails have announced their intent to begin an open-ended hunger strike to demand an end to the ever increasing humiliating and degrading treatment at the hands of Israel's prisons services (IPS), starting on September 27th.
Prisoners are calling for the release of prisoners from isolation, some of whom have been kept in isolation units for ten years; the end of collective punishment – including the shackling of hands and feet when family and lawyers visit; access to healthcare and education are amongst the demands too.

Hunger strike is one of the few methods of nonviolent resistance available to Palestinian prisoners, who have been protesting against their unfair treatment – such as lack medicines and decent food for years. Since the announcement of punitive measures by Netanyahu in June, the situation has deteriorated rapidly.

There are currently approximately 7,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails, including women, children and elected politicians. Many of them are held for long periods without charge, denying families their breadwinners.


1. Contact the ‘Israeli embassy’ or consulate in your country and demand the immediate release of Palestinian political prisoners.

2. Distribute UFree special report ‘Unlawful combatants’ >> Find attached

3. Write to human rights organizations asking them to act swiftly to demand that all Palestinian political prisoners and detainees are freed from punitive isolation.

4. Email the International Committee of the Red Cross whose humanitarian mission includes monitoring the conditions of prisoners, at jerusalem.jer[at],efillion[at]

UFree Network | Media Centre

** UFree - The European Network to support the rights of Palestinians Prisoners is an independent European-wide human rights network; set up to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association Calls for Solidarity with the Striking Prisoners


Ramallah, 27 September 2011
Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons have announced the start of a campaign of disobedience to protest an escalating series of punitive measures taken against them by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) in recent months.
The IPS’s increasing crackdown on Palestinian prisoners and the resulting worsening in their detention conditions started immediately after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on 23 June 2011 a change in policy with regard to Palestinian prisoners’ detention conditions. Declaring the current conditions as “over-generous”, despite widespread and recurrent international condemnation thereof, Netanyahu declared that a series of undefined punitive measures would be implemented, affecting everything from prisoners’ access to education, books and family visits, to the IPS’s use of isolation and fines as punishment.
As a result, prisoners have decided to undertake a hunger strike on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week beginning this week. Prisoners have also declared that their campaign will include a range of other forms of disobedience, including refusal to wear prison uniforms, participate in the daily roll call, or cooperate with any other IPS demands.
A group of prisoners has also decided to start an open-ended hunger strike, demanding an end to the IPS’s abusive use of isolation for “security” reasons, which currently affects 20 prisoners, some of whom have spent 10 years in isolation. In particular, their strike is focused on ending the isolation of Ahmed Sa’adat, the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who has been held in isolation for the past three years.
Additionally, prisoners in Ramon Prison have also started an open-ended hunger strike after a meeting with the Israeli Minister of Public Security on 27 September failed to resolve their demands, which included ending the IPS’s abusive use of: isolation; collective punishment, particularly with regard to restrictions on family visits and imposition of fines; frequent raids and humiliating searches; and shackling of prisoners’ hands and legs during transfer to and from lawyer visits. The demands also focused on reinstating prisoner’s access to university education and improving the health conditions of hundreds of sick and injured prisoners, notably by providing them with adequate treatment.
Addameer calls on the Palestine Liberation Organization to stand firm in its position to refuse to return to negotiations without the release of all Palestinian and Arab political prisoners currently held in Israeli prisons and detention centers. Addameer also urges all political parties, institutions and associations working in the field of human rights to support the prisoners in their campaign of disobedience.

Samir Allawi released after 49 days of illegal detention

Tuesday September 27, 2011 04:37 by - The European Network to support the rights of Palestinians Prisoners
Monday afternoon, Israeli military court decided to release Al-Jazeera bureau chief in Afghanistan, journalist Samir Allawi, after 49 days in illegal detention and interrogation.
Allawi After His Release - Al Jazeera
Allawi After His Release - Al Jazeera

Samir Allawi appeared at Israeli military court hearings seven times since his arrest on August 9th August however he was cleared from all accusations made against him.

UFree congratulates journalist Allawi on his determination and will follow his illegal detention by Israel at international and legal platforms in order to expose the Israeli violations against freedom of expression and movement.

Monday, September 26, 2011

ICRC: Israel must comply with law over MP's detention

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross on Monday urged Israel to comply with international humanitarian law following the detention of a Palestinian lawmaker.

Israeli police on Monday stormed a protest tent in front of the Red Cross offices in Jerusalem and detained Hamas-affiliated MP Ahmad Attoun.

"In connection with the arrest of Ahmed Attoun, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in Jerusalem today, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is calling upon the Israeli authorities to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law," a statement said.

"Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits Israel, regardless of its motive, from forcibly transferring Palestinians.

"Under international humanitarian law, East Jerusalem is an occupied territory, and its Palestinian residents are protected persons within the meaning of Article 4 of the Fourth Geneva Convention," the statement added.

Ahmad Attoun had taken shelter in the ICRC building along with another Hamas legislator and a former Hamas government minister after Israeli authorities revoked their Jerusalem residency permits.

An Israeli police spokesman and a security guard at the ICRC building said paramilitary police disguised as Palestinians had grabbed Attoun at the entrance to the offices and arrested him.

Attoun was taken into custody a day after President Mahmoud Abbas mentioned the men's case in a speech on his return to the occupied West Bank from the United Nations, where he applied for recognition of full Palestinian statehood.

The other two Hamas men remained inside the ICRC building.

In the speech, Abbas accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" that included "decisions to expel elected representatives" from Jerusalem.

In a statement issued in June 2010, after Israel ordered them to leave Jerusalem, the three Hamas men wrote: "We as sons of Jerusalem have never left it before ... we emphasize that we will remain here and never leave it."

The ICRC said it had informed the three Hamas members that ICRC premises had no special status and the ICRC could not prevent police entering the building to arrest them.

Reuters contributed to this report

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Israel still detains five Gaza citizens as "unlawful combatants"

[ 21/09/2011 - 04:41 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Israeli occupation authority is still holding five Gaza citizens under the so-called law of unlawful combatant after concluding their terms in prison, the Palestinian ministry of prisoners in Gaza said on Wednesday.
Riyadh Al-Ashqar, the ministry’s spokesman, said the IOA released Abdullah Abu Mughiseeb, 29, a week ago after serving a six-year sentence then two more years as unlawful combatant thus reducing the number of those detainees to five.
He charged the IOA with adopting that law in 2005 after the withdrawal from Gaza Strip and after endorsing it at the Knesset to circumvent the international law.
He said that the law allowed the IOA to hold Palestinian citizens in custody without charge and for unlimited period. The detainees are not allowed to know charges leveled against them, not allowed to defend themselves, and not allowed to appear before court.
Ashqar called for intervention on the part of the international human rights groups to stop this crime against the Palestinian prisoners and to annul this law, which contravenes international laws and conventions, and to release all those Palestinian detainees held under this law.

Jordanian prisoner in Israeli jail goes on hunger strike

[ 20/09/2011 - 08:01 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Ala’a Hammad, a Jordanian prisoner in Israeli occupation jails, has gone on hunger strike to protest the Israeli authorities repeated refusal to allow his wife and children visit him.
The Palestinian prisoner society said in a statement on Monday that Hammad told its lawyer during a visit to Gilboa jail that his wife’s repeated requests to the Israeli embassy in Amman to visit him were always denied.
Hammad, who is serving a 12-year sentence, has been held in Israeli jail since 2006.
The society, meanwhile, noted that the Israeli administration in Gilboa jail had transferred 17 detianees to Megiddo jail.

IOF soldiers arrest Palestinian woman, six other Jerusalemites

[ 19/09/2011 - 08:51 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested a Palestinian woman from occupied Jerusalem alleging that she was planning to smuggle mobile phones to Palestinian prisoners.
An IOF statement on Sunday said that the woman, who was not named, was detained in Afula, in northern occupied Palestine 1948, with four mobile phones in her possession, which she was planning to smuggle to Palestinian prisoners.
It said that the 35-year-old woman was also in possession of 32000 shekels, which she intended to bribe jailors with in order to allow the smuggling of those phones.
The statement noted that a former Palestinian prisoner was also arrested with the same charge, adding that they would appear at Nazareth central court on Monday.
Meanwhile, Israeli security forces arrested six Jerusalemite youths in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem on Sunday at the pretext they threw stones at Jewish settlers’ houses in the Islamic suburb late last week.

Egyptian authorities: Security forces detain 4 Palestinians

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) -- Egyptian security forces detained four Palestinians on Wednesday who had entered Egypt through underground tunnels connecting to the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian authorities said that their visas to enter Egypt had expired and they are still investigating the reason for their entry to Egypt.

Egyptian security officials said that the low number of passengers allowed to enter Egypt via the Rafah crossing leads people to try and enter the country illegally via other routes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Israel Presents Lists Of Detainees It Won’t Release

Friday September 09, 2011 11:53 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

The Al Hayat Paper in London reported Friday that a third round of indirect prisoner-swap talks was held in Cairo last Tuesday under direct Egyptian supervision mediating between the Hamas movement and Israel, in an attempt to reach a prisoner swap deal. Yet, Israel presented a list of detainees it will not release under any condition.
Palestinian Detainees - Image Palestinian Prisoners Society
Palestinian Detainees - Image Palestinian Prisoners Society

Al Hayat reported that Cairo prepared a draft that includes all points of agreement, and new ideas that are said to help advance prisoner swap talks that would ensure the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian detainees imprisoned by Israel.

Israel agreed to release all female prisoners, and Arab-Palestinian prisoners from Jerusalem and the 1948 territories (Israel).

During previous rounds of talks, Israel presented a list that contains the names of 120 detainees that it will not release under all circumstances. But according to the new report, the list dropped to 40 detainees.

The Al Hayat further reported that Israel also agreed to reduce the number of detainees it insists on deporting out of Palestine.

It is worth mentioning that the Hamas negotiations team is headed by Ahmad Al Ja’bary, a senior leader of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, and David Midan, representing the Israeli Prime Minister.

Corporal Gilad Shalit was captured when three Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza carried out a cross border raid on a military base in June 2006; two Israeli soldiers and two fighters were killed.

Shalit is the only Israeli prisoner in Palestinian hands; Israel is holding captive more than 7500 Palestinians, including dozens of women and children.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Israeli court releases politician to house arrest

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) – An Israeli military court sentenced on Monday a Palestinian politician from Jerusalem to house arrest for 30 days.

The Palestinian Popular Struggle Front said in a statement that Awni Abu Ghosh was sent to house arrest Monday just after he was released from Israeli custody.

Abu Ghosh is secretary of the PPSF’s politburo and member of the central and the national councils of the PLO. He was detained in September at Atara checkpoint.

The statement slammed the decision describing it as part of a racist policy against Palestinian leaders to restrict their movement as the PA struggles to achieve recognition of statehood.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Leader of Hamas female detainees marks 11 years in jail

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Detainees Ministry in Gaza highlighted on Friday the case of Ahlam al-Tamimi, 31, detained by Israel exactly 11 years ago.

Al-Tamimi was detained from her family home in Ramallah, and sentenced to life on charges of transferring a suicide bomber to Jerusalem.

She heads the Hamas female detainees group in prison, and is currently in isolation at Hasharon prison after she delivered a speech to detainees during Eid al-Fitr.

Al-Tamimi, who studied journalism, is married to Nizar al-Tamimi who received a life sentence in Israeli jail in 1993.

The ministry said al-Tamimi now suffers from severe backache as a result of her detention.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Israel detains Hamas lawmaker in Ramallah

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained Hamas lawmaker Sheikh Fadel Hamdan overnight Wednesday, a Ma'an correspondent reported.

Hamdan, a member of the now-defunct Palestinian legislative council elected in 2006, was detained after Israeli forces raided his Ramallah home.

The Hamas-affiliated parliamentary party the Change and Reform Bloc issued a statement calling the detention "an unsuccessful Israeli policy."

An Israeli army spokeswoman said Hamdan was arrested and taken for security questioning.

Hamdan is the third Hamas MP detained by Israel in as many weeks.

Fatah secretary released after being detained in Silwan

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Fatah secretary Adnan Ghaith was released by Israeli authorities on Thursday, Palestinian security sources said.

Ghaith had been detained by Israeli forces on Wednesday in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

The Fatah official was expelled from Jerusalem in January by Israeli authorities and banned from entering the city for eight months. He was arrested hours after returning to Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities fined Ghaith 5,000 shekels and forbid him from entering Silwan for a period of 20 days, security sources told Ma'an.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fatah says secretary detained in Silwan

Published Wednesday 14/09/2011 (updated) 15/09/2011 17:04
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces detained Fatah secretary Adnan Ghaith in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Wednesday, a party official said.

Ghaith was expelled from Jerusalem in January by Israeli authorities and banned from entering the city for eight months. He was arrested hours after returning to Jerusalem.

Muneer Aj-Jaghob, a Fatah spokesman, said Israeli intelligence summoned Ghaith for interrogation.

Israel aims to empty Jerusalem of its Palestinian citizens through a policy of deportation, Aj-Jaghoub added.

An Israeli border police spokesman could not be reached for comment.

Egyptian authorities detain 19 Palestinians

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) -- Egyptian authorities detained 19 Palestinians on Wednesday, security sources said.

Five people were detained at the entrance to El-Arish, north Sinai. They were reportedly on route to Cairo, Egyptian security sources told Ma'an.

Police also arrested 12 Palestinians 100 kilometers from the city of El-Arish. Four had expired visas.

A woman and her seven children were among the group.

A Palestinian man working for Hamas security forces in Gaza was also detained in El-Arish for having an expired visa, and security forces arrested another man who had entered Egypt via a Gaza tunnel, security forces said.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Document - Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: Further information: Palestinian academic's detention extended: Ahmad Qatamesh

Further information on UA: 127/11 Index: MDE 15/031/2011 Israel Date: 9 September 2011


Palestinian academic Ahmad Qatamesh received a new six-month administrative detention order on 2 September. T he military judicial review of the order has been postponed ; he remains in detention and cannot appeal until the review takes place .
Ahmad Qatamesh, who has been detained since 21 April, was given another six-month administrative detention order on 2 September, the day that his original administrative detention order was due to expire. The new order was signed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Military Commander in the West Bank. He was informed of the new order in his prison cell in Ofer detention centre while a copy was faxed to his lawyer.
Administrative detention orders are subject to review by a military judge within eight days; the judge can cancel or reduce the time period of the order, but usually confirms it. In Ahmad Qatamesh’s case, the review scheduled for 5 September was postponed by the judge upon the request of the military prosecution. The judge did not set a revised date for the review hearing, but Ahmad Qatamesh’s lawyer expects it to take place by the end of September. His lawyer cannot appeal the new order until the military judge concludes the judicial review.
Ahmad Qatamesh’s case has been beset by delays and irregularities since his arrest on 21 April. The review hearing for his previous six-month detention order, scheduled for 12 May, was adjourned until 15 May because a representative of the Israel Security Agency failed to attend to present the secret evidence which they claim justifies his detention. On 19 May the military judge issued a decision confirming the order but reducing it from six to four months. As mentioned, there are now delays with the judicial review of his new six-month order.
Amnesty International is concerned that he may be detained solely for the peaceful expression of his political views, in which case the organization would consider him a prisoner of conscience. According to his wife and his lawyer, he has been interrogated for no more than a total of 10 minutes since his arrest on 21 April. 

Expressing concern that Ahmad Qatamesh may be a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression, in which case he should be released immediately and unconditionally;
Urging the authorities otherwise to release Ahmad Qatamesh without delay unless he is to be charged with a recognizably criminal offence and promptly tried in accordance with internationally accepted standards for fair trial;
Calling on the authorities to end the use of administrative detention. 

Military Judge Advocate General
Major General Avihai Mandelblit
6 David Elazar Street
Hakirya, Tel Aviv, Israel
Fax: +972 3 569 4526
Salutation: Dear Judge Advocate General 
Commander of the IDF – West Bank
Major-General Avi Mizrahi
GOC Central Command
Military Post 01149
Battalion 877
Israel Defense Forces, Israel
Fax: +972 2 530 5741 / +972 2 530 5724
Salutation: Major-General Avi Mizrahi 
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
Ehud Barak
Ministry of Defence
37 Kaplan Street, Hakirya
Tel Aviv 61909, Israel
Fax: +972 3 696 2757
Salutation: Dear Minister
Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please insert local diplomatic addresses below: 
Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. This is the 2nd update of UA 127/11. Further information:, 


ADditional Information

Ahmad Qatamesh is an academic and writer who has previously criticized both the Israeli authorities and the Palestinian Authority. Arrested by the IDF in 1992, he was held for over a year before being placed under administrative detention after a judge had ordered his release on bail. He reported that he was tortured during his interrogation, and he later documented his experiences in a publication called I shall not wear your tarboosh (fez]. His administrative detention order was renewed repeatedly until he was eventually released on 15 April 1998. During these years, Amnesty International members campaigned against his continued detention without charges.
There are numerous concerns about the procedures followed in Ahmad Qatamesh’s most recent arrest and detention. He was arrested on 21 April at 2am at the house where he was staying in al-Bireh, in Ramallah. The security forces had first gone to his family’s home to arrest him and, when they did not find him there, broke down the door of the neighbour’s house to search for him. According to his daughter, they then ordered her at gunpoint to telephone him. His wife told Amnesty International that Ahmad Qatamesh gave the security forces directions to reach the house where he was staying so they could arrest him. She said that during the arrest, the security forces made no attempt to search the contents of either their home or the house where they arrested him.
Before he was handed a six-month administrative detention order on 3 May, a military court official told Ahmad Qatamesh’s lawyer that he would be released at 5pm that day, and a prison officer gave him the same message. The order of 3 May seemed to have been produced for another detainee, since Ahmad Qatamesh’s name was written over correction fluid. The order was for an “extension” of administrative detention even though this was Ahmad Qatamesh’s first administrative detention order since the 1990s. His lawyer was subsequently informed that the Israel Security Agency (ISA) requested his detention based on undisclosed “evidence” relating to allegations that he is active in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which he has consistently denied. As in all administrative detention cases, neither Ahmad Qatamesh nor his lawyer have been allowed to examine or challenge this “evidence”.
On 19 May, the military judge confirmed the detention order but reduced it to four months. She acknowledged that the original order of 3 May had contained factual errors and had been produced for another detainee and adapted for use in Ahmad Qatamesh’s case. Nonetheless, she concluded that the ISA’s secret evidence against him justified his detention for security reasons.
Administrative detention is an Israeli procedure under which detainees are held without charge or trial for periods of up to six months which are renewable indefinitely. No criminal charges are filed against administrative detainees and there is no intention of bringing them to trial. Detainees are held on the basis of “secret evidence” which the Israeli military authorities claim cannot be revealed for security reasons. Hence the “secret evidence” on which the military authorities base their decision to issue an administrative detention order is not made available to detainees or their lawyers, and detainees cannot challenge the reasons for their detention. The Israeli authorities have used administrative detention against thousands of Palestinians over several decades, but the number of administrative detainees has decreased over the last three years. In July 2011, 243 Palestinians were being held as administrative detainees, according to Israel Prison Service statistics.
The PFLP is a left-wing Palestinian political party which also has an armed wing. While Ahmad Qatamesh was a political and intellectual supporter of the PFLP in the 1990s, he says he has not been involved with them for 13 years. To Amnesty International’s knowledge, he has never been involved with PFLP-affiliated armed groups or advocated violence.

Name: Ahmad Qatamesh
Gender m/f: male

Further information on UA: 127/11 Index: MDE 15/031/2011 Issue Date: 9 September 2011

Mother of 2 detainees dies

HEBRON (Ma'an) -- The mother of two Palestinian prisoners died on Sunday in Al-Fowar refugee camp south of Hebron, a detainees' center said.

Nura Abu Rabi died without seeing her sons Salah Ad-Din and Numan, who are detained in Israel, the center said in a statement.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

UFree lobbies Allawi detention with European lawmakers

[ 11/09/2011 - 11:26 AM ]

OSLO, (PIC)-- The European network to support the Palestinian prisoners (UFree) has begun a campaign to raise the issue of Israel’s arrest of Al-Jazeera reporter Samer Allawi with European lawmakers and international human rights organizations.
UFree head Mohammed Hamdan wrote several European MPs detailing Allawi’s situation. In the letters, he described how the Israeli authorities have refused to provide his rights as a prisoner or to provide him medical treatment or allow him to meet with his lawyer.
A formal indictment has yet to be placed against Allawi since his arrest on 9 August.
UFree, which has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, launched a popular campaign in solidarity with Allawi, head of Al-Jazeera’s Afghanistan bureau, who was arrested while visiting family in the occupied territories last month.


A Call To Release Palestinian Journalist

Saturday September 10, 2011 22:08 by UFree Network
Lawmakers and human rights advocates must intervene to free Samer Allawi, a Palestinian who works as Afghanistan bureau chief for Al Jazeera, says the organization UFree in a press release issued today. Allawi was detained without charges by the Israeli military on Aug. 9 when he was attempting to cross into Jordan from the West Bank, where he had been visiting family. He has been held in jail ever since.
“We must protect the right of all Palestinians to visit their families, and the right of all journalists to move freely,” stated Mohammed Hamdan, chairman of (UFree) The European Network to Support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners and its head office in Olso-Norway.

“We all know what happens to many Palestinian detainees; reports of severe beatings and other forms of torture are not uncommon. There is no time to waste.”

According to Al Jazeera, the 44-year-old Allawi was taken to a prison east of Haifa and interrogated by Israeli intelligence forces. Allawi's lawyer reports that he was questioned about his work for the network, and forced to reveal the log-in information for his personal and work emails and proprietary news software.

Israeli authorities accused Allawi of being a member of Hamas and contacting its military leadership. However, he has regularly spent his yearly summer vacation with his family and relatives in his hometown in the occupied West Bank.

"The arrest of Samer Allawi is a clear violation of the right to freedom of speech and movement enshrined in international law," stated Hamdan, adding that to date, UFree has received positive response to its letter.

"It is way past time for the international community charged with protecting these rights to force the Israeli occupation authorities to stop their violations of these fundamental freedoms."

More information on how all individuals can mobilize to help Allwai can be found at

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Israeli special force abducts five men south of Gaza

[ 11/09/2011 - 12:06 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- An Israeli military force abducted Saturday night five young Palestinian men east of the Israeli kibbutz  Kissufim, adjacent to the southern Gaza Strip, security sources and witnesses said in identical reports.
Israeli jeeps accompanied by reconnaissance aircraft and Apache helicopters briefly entered east of Qarara in the Gaza Strip and swiftly abducted the men, covering themselves by firing heavy ammunition at Palestinians and their property, the sources said.
Later on Sunday morning, three of the abductees were set free by the Israeli security forces after being severely assaulted, security sources said.
The whereabouts of the other two abductees as well as the motives behind the operation remain a mystery.

Israeli forces briefly detain 3 boys in central Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Sunday released three Palestinian boys who were detained overnight near a military base in the central Gaza Strip, a Ma'an correspondent reported.

The boys, aged between 11 and 15, were detained near Kissufim army base south of Deir al-Balah.

Witnesses said at least eight army jeeps entered Gaza near Al-Qarara village and opened fire from military towers before detaining the boys.

The detainees were interrogated for several hours and then released, a Ma'an reporter said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers apprehended three Palestinians who were trying to cross the security fence into Israel.

Appeal to District Court for Independent Doctor to Visit Al Jazeera Journalist Samer Allawi Detained for 23 Days without Charge by the Israeli GSS (Shabak)


1 September 2011

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, Adalah and Al Mezan:

(Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel)  Today, 1 September 2011, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I), together with its partners Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and the Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights in Gaza filed a prisoners' appeal to the Haifa District Court on behalf of Mr. Samer Allawi, a Palestinian national and the Afghanistan Bureau Chief for the international media network Al-Jazeera. In the appeal the three organizations demanded that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) and the Israel Security Agency (ISA, GSS, shabak) allow an independent physician volunteer from PHR-Israel, to immediately visit Mr. Allawi. 

On 25 and 29 August 2011, PHR-Israel sent urgent requests to the Chief Medical Officer of the IPS, Dr. Dini Tischler, requesting an immediate visit to Mr. Allawi by a physician volunteering with PHR-Israel, with no response to date. 

Mr. Allawi arrived in the Occupied West Bank in July 2011 on an annual visit to his parents. On 9 August 2011, following a stay of approximately 20 days, he tried to leave the area for Jordan and was arrested at the Allenby Crossing by the Israeli security forces. He has been held and interrogated by Israeli authorities ever since, for 23 days. 

He is currently detained at the Kishon prison, an IPS detention facility in Haifa, and is under interrogation by the ISA, with no charges have been filed against him to date.

Mr. Allawi's attorney, Salim Wakeem, has voiced concerns regarding the methods of his interrogation, particularly as Mr. Allawi suffers from chronic health conditions. Mr. Allawi's attorney was denied access to documentation concerning his medical condition and treatment.

Court protocols from Mr. Allawi's hearing dated 22 August 2011 indicate that Mr. Allawi was not examined by a physician upon arrival in the detention facility, in contradiction of the IPS regulations, which provide that a detainee should be examined by a medic within 24 hours and by a physician within 48 hours of arriving in a detention facility. 

According to court protocols, Mr. Allawi stated that since his arrest he has suffered pain that is not treated; that he was not examined by a physician since his arrest; that he has used only medications he had with him upon his arrest, and that the IPS has not supplied him with any further medication.

Court protocols from a later hearing dated 28 August 2011 suggest that the ISA has access to and has reviewed Mr. Allawi's medical documentation as part of his interrogation process. However, the ISA is retaining these records, along with a series of classified documents that are not revealed to anyone but the court.  In response to a query from Mr. Allawi’s lawyer, asking whether his medical condition had been considered when deciding on interrogation, the ISA interrogator answered in the affirmative, saying that '. . . there are medical documents from the detention facility physician that refer to the subject of shackling and to the subject of the medical condition of the suspect and the documents were presented to the court.'

This statement suggests that medical documents and personnel were used for the purpose of deciding the methods of interrogation in a non-transparent manner, and in contradiction of principles of medical ethics and medical confidentiality.

The answer provided by the ISA interrogator raises concerns that medical issues are reviewed and discussed within the detention system in a manner that mixes medical and security issues and may lead to the exploitation of health for security needs. This increases the risk of torture and/or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment (CIDT) as defined by the UN Convention Against Torture, to which Israel is a state party.

The right to receive adequate medical treatment, to be detained in conditions that do not harm one's health and to be examined by an independent physician are protected in the Israel Patients’ Rights Law, the IPS regulations, and in international standards for the protection of prisoners and detainees.

The fact that these rights are routinely and more easily compromised in the case of Palestinian prisoners interrogated by the ISA calls for special attention. In such circumstances and environment, torture tends to be more prevalent. 

PHR-I, Adalah and Al Mezan will urge the EU to raise the case of the detention of Mr. Allawi with the Israeli government at the upcoming EU-Israel human rights working group meeting, scheduled to take place in Israel on 13 September 2011, with specific regard to his medical condition and concerns for the conditions and methods of his interrogation and incarceration, as well as the need for an independent doctor's visit.

For further details please contact Anat Litvin 054-7322007 or Hadas Ziv 054-6623232

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Palestinian detainees enter 25th year in Israeli jail

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Two Palestinians entered their 25th year in Israeli prison on Saturday, the Hamas ministry of detainee affairs said.

Muhammad Ziyadeh and Mukhles Burghal are from Lod in central Israel. They are both serving life sentences.

Ziyadeh is affiliated to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He is married with seven children and suffers from diabetes.

He was accused of attacking an army vehicle with a Molotov cocktail, causing no injuries.

Burghal is held at Shatta prison, where he was moved to solitary confinement after guards accused him of smuggling a letter to his mother. His father died during his imprisonment.

He achieved a Masters in Democracy while in prison.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Israeli court sentences two Jerusalemite minors to jail

[ 08/09/2011 - 08:43 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Israeli central court in occupied Jerusalem sentenced two Palestinian Jerusalemite minors to 15 months behind bars for throwing stones at Israeli vehicles.
The court verdict passed on Thursday said that the two minors from Silwan, occupied Jerusalem, threw stones at an Israeli vehicle and injured its passengers.
The Israel radio said that the court ruling also ordered the minors to pay 30000 shekels to the injured persons.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prisoners’ Affairs Ministry: Israel arrested 420 Palestinians in Ramadan

[ 07/09/2011 - 08:00 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs has said that the Israeli occupation authorities placed 420 Palestinians in detention during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in a fresh report released on Wednesday.

It was that month that Israel carried out one of the most massive arrest sweeps in Al-Khalil in years, rounding up some 190 Palestinians there in just a few days.

Among those arrested that month were 45 minors, four women, three of whom are wives of Palestinians already detained in the Israeli prisons, and three members of the Palestinian legislature.

The new report also documented the repressive circumstances that continued inside the Israeli prisons throughout the Muslim holy month. It said that special units continued to carry out search raids in the Megiddo prison during the morning meal ahead of the Ramadan fast, and that some 40 prisoners suffered from food poisoning from spoiled food served to them in the canteen.

Other repressive acts were also reported. Prisoners in the Negev prison were once again required to wear uniforms whenever leaving prison in spite of prior agreements. All books were also removed from a sector in Damon prison, where a ban was also placed on books brought in by family members during visits.

Also that month, the prisoners were banned from bringing foods into the prison and were also prohibited from receiving extra funds during Ramadan to purchase extra materials needed for the month as well as for the Eid al-Fitr holiday, marking the end of the Ramadan.

The report says that Israeli occupation authorities froze all funds for the education of prisoners enrolled in the open Hebrew university until further notice, under an official decision to stop the education of Palestinian prisoners inside the prisons.

Also on the political level, the Israeli legislative body, the Knesset, approved amending a law allowing the prison administrations to ban security prisoners from receiving lawyer visits without referring to the courts or providing justification.

More than 50 prisoners were transferred to administrative detention, including Palestinian MP Mohammed Mutlaq Abu Juheisha and Ayed Doudein, who has spent more time in administrative detention than any other prisoner.

Other prisoners, such as MP Marwan al-Barghouthi, were place in solitary confinement. Another prisoner was isolated for smuggling a letter over to his 85-year-old mother, the report highlights.

Hamas denounces preventive security storming of released MP’s home

[ 07/09/2011 - 07:38 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank have denounced the PA preventive security apparatus for storming the home of MP Sheikh Hassan Yousef who was Tuesday released from Israeli occupation jails.
A statement by the lawmakers on Wednesday said that the preventive security agents broke into the home of Sheikh Yousef and confiscated the green banners and flags of Hamas in blatant violation of his immunity and in violation of the reconciliation atmosphere.
Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, condemned the act in a press release on Wednesday, adding that it displayed the moral degradation of those security apparatuses.
He urged PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to issue a decree binding those apparatuses with the reconciliation agreement and atmosphere or else they would continue to threaten national relations.
Ismail Radwan, a Hamas leader in Gaza, also denounced the act only one day after Yousef’s release from Israeli occupation jails.
He said in a press release that the security apparatus’s “shameful” behavior ran contrary to efforts aimed at applying the reconciliation agreement.

PA security kidnaps son of prisoner Abul Heija

[ 07/09/2011 - 11:04 AM ]

JENIN, (PIC)-- Security forces from the Palestinian authority (PA) on Monday violently raided the house of senior Hamas official and prisoner in Israeli jails Jamal Abul Heija and kidnapped his 18-year old son Hamza.
Informed sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that armed men from the preventive, intelligence and national security agencies broke into and ransacked the home of Abul Heija shortly after his son Hamza received on the morning of the same day a summons from the preventive security agency in Jenin city.
The preventive security agency kidnapped Hamza last month after he responded to a summons for interrogation and was released a week later on bail.
All four sons of Hamas official Abul Heija have been kidnapped many times by the PA security agencies in the context of their cooperation with the Israeli occupation.
Abul Haija has been in Israeli jails for nine years serving nine life sentences on a charge of his responsibility for a resistance operation that killed nine Israelis in August 2002.

Center appeals to rights groups to help sick detainee

NABLUS (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian detainees' center on Wednesday appealed to human rights organizations to intervene and help a sick prisoner detained by Israel.

The center said Israeli prison authorities have kept Ammar Samhan, from Nablus, in solitary confinement for long periods despite his poor health.

Samhan's parents appealed to President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Authority Minister of Detainee Affairs Issa Qaraqe to end their son's suffering.

Israel detained Samhan in 2003 and sentenced him to life imprisonment. He is accused of leading the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyr brigades in Nablus.

Negev prisoners start hunger strike

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Seventy Palestinian prisoners who resided in northern West Bank towns launched an open hunger strike Tuesday demanding to be transferred to prisons close to their hometowns.

A Fatah spokesman in Israel's Negev prison said the prisoners’ families are forced to cross multiple checkpoints and go through "intense and humiliating" security checks and travel for hours to reach their loved ones.

Ashraf Zakarna the 70 Palestinian prisoners in the Beersheva, Nafha, and Rimon prisons are determined to reach their goals in order to ease the burden on their relatives.

The prisoners have filed a petition to Israel's supreme court to transfer them to prisons in the north, however, the court rejected their request, according to Zakarna.

The prisoners considered the rejection part of the Israeli prime minister’s new restrictions to punish detainees in an effort to secure a swap deal in exchange for Israeli captive Gilad Shalit, he said.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Israeli forces detain Hamas lawmaker

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained Hamas legislator Mohammed Abu Teir on Tuesday, army officials said.

Israeli soldiers ransacked Abu Teir's home in Kafr Aqab, south of Ramallah, before detaining the elected official, a Ma'an correspondent reported.

An Israeli military spokesman said Abu Teir was detained on Tuesday but could not immediately comment on the reason for his arrest.

Former PA Minister of Jerusalem affairs Khalid Abu Arafa told Ma’an he was concerned about Abu Teir's fate after Israel withdrew his Jerusalem identity card.

In December, an Israeli court expelled Abu Teir to Ramallah from his home in Jerusalem for the second time, after four months in jail for defying a previous ban.

He was previously arrested on June 30, 2010 for entering East Jerusalem after the interior ministry stripped him of his residence permit for his activity in Hamas.

Following Abu Teir's deportation to Ramallah in December, UN officials expressed concern. Robert Serry, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, said he was "worried" about the "potential precedent" that the trial set.

Abu Teir was elected to the Palestinian parliament from East Jerusalem in 2006 when Hamas won a landslide victory over the secular Fatah movement of Western-backed President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East war and unilaterally annexed it shortly after. About 200,000 Palestinians live there.

Israel regards the whole of Jerusalem as its "eternal, indivisible" capital, while the Palestinians lay claim to its eastern sector as the capital of their promised state.

Monday, September 5, 2011

UFree discuss in Gaza internationalizing Israel’s persecution of Palestinian MPs

[ 05/09/2011 - 12:13 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian MP Mushir al-Masri, who heads the international Free PLC members committee, has met with head of the European network to support the Palestinian prisoners (UFree) Mohammed Hamdan to discuss ways to internationalize the issue of Israel’s continued detention of Palestinian MPs.
Meeting also with MP Rami Abdo, who chairs the Council for European Palestinian Relations, at PLC headquarters in Gaza on Sunday evening, the parties agreed that Israel is intent on systematically disposing of Palestine’s legislature, whether through detention or exile.
MP Masri emphasized the need to coordinate and intensify efforts in exposing Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian MPs on all European forums, calling to form an international opinion that would pressure Israel to release them.
For his part, UFree head Hamdan brought up the European Parliament’s recent decision in favor of the Palestinian MPs, calling on Abdo to coordinate functions in Europe that would shed light on the issue.
Also during the meeting, Masri spoke about UFree’s efforts in keeping contact with European MPs, hoping that positions in support of the issue would be turned into practical steps.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hamas lawmaker jailed for 6 months under administrative detention

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- An Israeli court sentenced Hamas-affiliated lawmaker Anwar Zuboun to six months in administrative detention on Sunday, Hamas officials said.

The sentence was condemned by Hamas lawmakers as part of Israel's "arrogance and systematic crime."

Another Hamas lawmaker Sheik Hassan Yousef was detained last week at a checkpoint in Nablus, less than a month after being released from Israeli prison after six years.

Israeli forces had previously detained 120 Palestinians, mostly Hamas supporters, in Hebron on August 21 in one of the largest detention operations in the city since 2003, Palestinian security officials said.

Administrative detention entails being detained without trial or any charge.

Israel has held thousands of Palestinians in administrative detention in the past and the practice has been widely condemned by human rights groups.

30 Palestinians killed, some 400 arrested in Israeli operations in August

[ 04/09/2011 - 07:30 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)-- The International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights has released a report documenting that 30 Palestinians died and almost 400 were arrested last month in Israeli occupation operations in the occupied Palestinian territories.
“Hardly a day goes by without observing killing and arrest operations on dozens of Palestinians, let alone the attacks by the [occupation state], its soldiers and its settlers against the Palestinians...,” the report says.
While only three of those killed were from the West Bank, two of them in their early twenties, a total of 27 Palestinians were killed in mortar attacks and air strikes targeting the Gaza Strip that month. Five of them were under 18 years of age.
During August, Israeli forces arrested more than 380 Palestinians, including 44 minors, in addition to dozens of Palestinian workers arrested beyond the green line.
What made that month exceptional was that Israel launched one of the widest ranging arrest campaigns in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil in years, and it also carried out sweeps in Bethlehem, Jerusalem’s Silwan district, Tulkarem, Salfit, Ramallah, and Al-Beira.
Among those arrested in August were Palestinian MPs Mustafa Mutlaq Abu Juheisha (Al-Khalil), Anwar al-Zabboun (Bethlehem), and Hassan Yousef - just one months after his release after six year stretch in detention. All of those MPs represent the Hamas party on the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Another primary target were Palestinian news reporters. According to the ISFHR report, three journalists were arrested that month, including head of Al-Jazeera’s Afghanistan bureau Samer Allawi. He was arrested while departing to Jordan on Allenby Bridge after spending vacation with family members in the West Bank village of Sebastea.

IOF soldiers arrest 3 Palestinians including young woman

[ 04/09/2011 - 12:35 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation soldiers (IOF) rounded up three Palestinian citizens on Sunday, two young men in Al-Khalil and a young woman in Ramallah.
Palestinian police said that IOF soldiers arrested 24-year-old Raufa Hamed from Silwan, Ramallah, while passing at a crossing in Mazra’a Sharqiya village.
An IOF patrol arrested two Palestinian youths in Al-Khalil also at an early hour on Sunday, local sources reported.
In a separate incident, a group of IOF soldiers assaulted a Palestinian young man near Nilin roadblock in Ramallah, locals said, adding that he was hospitalized after the incident.


Police: Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinians overnight
Published Sunday 04/09/2011 (updated) 04/09/2011 18:33
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces detained 3 Palestinians in the West Bank overnight Saturday, Palestinian police said.

Police said soldiers detained Raoufa Hamed, 24, near Ramallah and Samer Al-Hih, 20, and Thaer Al-Owawy in Hebron.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said two Palestinians were detained overnight southeast of Ramallah. She was not aware of any detentions in Hebron.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers attacked Hamza Harfoush, 22, at a checkpoint near Nilin in the Ramallah district on Sunday morning, a Palestinian police report said.

Harfoush was taken to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

An army spokeswoman did not immediately return a call seeking comment on the incident.

Family of MP Yousuf slams Israeli attempts to fabricate charges against him

[ 04/09/2011 - 09:30 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The family of Palestinian lawmaker Sheikh Hasan Yousuf strongly denounced the Israeli intelligence agency for trying to fabricate charges against him and avenge him after failed attempts to undermine his high morale and steadfastness.
The family, in a press release, said the Israeli intelligence fabricated a criminal indictment against Sheikh Yousuf through accusing him of entering the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque without a permit and inciting the Palestinian worshipers against Israel at the holy Mosque during the month of Ramadan.
For their part, the Palestinian lawmakers from Hamas Movement held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the life of Sheikh Yousuf imprisoned in its jails, especially since he need to undergo vital surgery.
Sheikh Yousuf is over age 56 and according to the Israeli law, the Palestinians at this age are allowed to enter the holy city and the Mosque without any permit.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 brothers released from Israeli custody

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) – Israeli authorities have released two brothers from Jerusalem, Hamed and Muhammad Abu Sneineh.

The brothers were on their way back home from Jordan when they were detained for several hours and taken for investigations.

The brothers told a Ma’an correspondent that they were handed a warning to see the intelligence on Wednesday.

Report: Israel arrested 15, deported 30 pro-Palestinian activists in August

[ 03/09/2011 - 05:07 PM ]

PARIS, (PIC)-- Some 15 activists were arrested and 30 were deported last month in a wave of incitement against pro-Palestinian activists, a French rights group said in a report marking the end of August.
The report says extremist Israeli groups are behind what it called an “incitement campaign” led by the Zionist lobby, with support from anti-Arab, anti-Muslim organizations in Europe.
The report adds that pro-Palestinians who joined the “flotilla” last month were not only arrested in Tel Aviv, but they were also dismissed from their jobs and their pictures were posted on Facebook along with comments: “These are the enemies...supporters of the anti-Semites”.
The Zionist lobby and the Israeli foreign ministry have used pressure on many states to ban pro-Palestinian activities, the statement says, pointing out that the Israeli army arrested last month alone 15 foreign activists in separate locations and placed them under interrogation in harsh circumstances and prevented them from entering the occupied Palestinian territories.
It also deported thirty activists who were arrested in Jerusalem and locations across the West Bank and prevented them from entering the territories saying they posed a threat to security.
The organization said it was deeply concerned over the dangerous escalation against pro-Palestinian activists in what it called an attempt to isolate the Palestinians and impose inhumane policies on them.
The statement confirmed that the pro-Palestinian campaign would continue to support the just Palestinian struggle until its objectives are attained and the Palestinians achieve an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. It also called on delegations to go to Palestine and join in demanding freedom and independence for the Palestinians and a seat in the United Nations.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Masri: Arrest of MP Yousef demonstrates failure to break Palestinians’ will

[ 02/09/2011 - 08:56 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Mushir al-Masri, spokesman of the Hamas bloc on the Palestinian Legislative Council, has condemned Israel’s continued persecution of Palestinian MPs as an act of piracy after Israel’s arrest of MP Hassan Yousef on Wednesday.
In a statement, Masri said Israel’s targeting of Palestinian politicians is an expression of its criminal and terrorist mentality and disdain for international laws.
He said Israel's repeated abductions of the MPs demonstrate Israel's failure to break the will of the Palestinians’ representatives as they are determined to uphold their people’s rights.
He reiterated calls to world parliaments to take responsibility and turn statements of condemnation into practical steps that ensure a stop to Israel’s practices with regards to Palestine’s legislature.
Masri confirmed that the Palestinians are united in addressing Israel’s crimes against the people, political figures, and leaders and in thwarting any moves that could give Israel a cover for its crimes or improve its image.
Israeli occupation forces arrested Wednesday Palestinian MP Hassan Yousef, who was released just a month ago after spending the entire duration of his term in office in a six year detention bid in Israeli prisons.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Israeli forces detain Hamas lawmaker at checkpoint

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces detained Hamas lawmaker Sheikh Hassan Yousef on Wednesday at Zatara checkpoint south of Nablus.

Witnesses told Ma'an that Israeli soldiers held Yousef at the checkpoint for hours before detaining him.

The Israeli military confirmed it had detained Yousef, who was released from prison in early August after serving a six-year term for "membership of a terrorist organization," but declined to give any additional details

Senior Hamas official Ahmad Bahar condemned the detention and said that the policy of targeting lawmakers will not break the will of the Palestinian people.

Last March, Yousef disowned his son after he admitted to having spied on Hamas for Israel and played a major role in the arrest of senior militants.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, 32, said he was a top informer for Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency and was known by the codename "The Green Prince."

He converted to Christianity 10 years ago and now lives in California.

He reportedly worked for the Shin Bet at the height of the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising, that began in 2000, when Hamas carried out dozens of suicide bombings and Israel waged all-out war on the Islamist movement.

Hamas has said the elder Yousef worked entirely in the public political wing of the movement. He was elected to the Palestinian parliament in 2006, while in Israeli custody.

AFP contributed to this report