Monday, November 1, 2010

Israeli Soldier Sentenced to Prison For Photos

01.11.10 - 11:11 Jerusalem – PNN – A military court sentenced an Israeli soldier to five months in prison for posing in a picture next to a Palestinian prisoner. ImageCorporal Yehuda Battalion was photographed posing with a prisoner in the Jenin area in January.  His cell phone was used to take the pictures; they were discovered after the soldier was arrested on suspicion of committing drug offenses.

Battalion was photographed, along with two friends, posing with his weapon pointed toward a blindfolded and bound Palestinian.  The indictment stated, “He posed for a picture with him while pointing a loaded and cocked weapon at the upper part of his body.  There was no point in directing the weapon at the detainee during the shot."

The three soldiers were indicted for abuse, illegal use of weapons and improper behavior.  Battalion was convicted of abuse and improper behavior and sentenced to five months in prison.

In August, former soldier Eden Abergil was arrested for posting pictures of herself next to Palestinian prisoners on Facebook.  The international condemnation has caused the Israeli military to be extra-sensitive in dealing with similar acts.