Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Comrade Taghreed Abu Ghoulmeh released from Israeli prison after 6 months

PFLP website 

Comrade Taghreed Abu Ghoulmeh, sister of imprisoned comrades Linan and Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, was released after 6 months "administrative detention" in Israeli prison on January 2, 2011.

She had been arrested six months ago at her home in Beit Furik along with her sister Linan (who had been previously imprisoned and released as part of an agreement with the Palestinian resistance), and comrades Laith Abu Ghoulmeh, Mohammed Hanani, Hani Abu Soud and Musab Mlitat, who still await trial. 

Comrade Linan engaged in a hunger strike for over 20 days seeking contact with her sister; prison authorities rejected her request and released Taghreed without ever allowing her sister to see her. 

Earlier, on December 26, the Palestinian Prisoners Committee and the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees in Nablus held an event in solidarity with Comrade Linan at the UPWC office, marking her hunger strike, which began on December 8, 2010. Comrade Maher Harb saluted the prisoners on the occasion of Christmas, and reviewed Linan's history, noting she had already spent six years in occupation jails and continued to confront the jailers, facing isolation, solitary confinement and constant threats to make the simplest of demands: to see her sister. He noted that other prisoners, particularly in Nafha, had undertaken actions and meetings in solidarity with Linan, and that prisoners have been recently been subject to frequent attacks and transfers from prison to prison, and emphasized the need for support of the prisoners and their families. 

Comrade Dr. Esmat Shakhshir of the UPWC emphasized the need to activate a popular solidarity movement with the prisoners to meet the prisoners' level of struggle and national commitment.