Wednesday, April 18, 2012

320 International Organization Launches International Appeal to Support the Demands of the Prisoners on Hunger Strike
The Eruo-Mediterranean Observer for Human Rights announced the launch of the biggest international appeal to support the demands of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli prisons, with the support of 320 international and local human rights organizations.
The launch of the International Solidarity Appeal, which carries the name "Thirst for Freedom", comes in conjunction with the anniversary of the "Palestinian Prisoners' Day". In this day, 1600 Palestinian prisoners, in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, start the widest hunger strike movement to protest against the poor conditions of their detention, which in turn is part of the perpetuating policy of administrative detention and solitary confinement imposed against them.
The delegate of the Euro-Mid stated that 320 non-governmental organizations around the world responded to the Euro-Mid call to activate the issue of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike on an international level and to pledge to work through the mechanisms of the international law to hold pressure on the Israeli occupation in order to achieve the fair demands of the prisoners. This statement came in the press conference held today at Beach Hotel in Gaza.
Some of the demands included in the International Solidarity Appeal are: "… we are calling for justice and law enforcement and, we are calling …to halt the inhuman policies of confinement against the detainees. … to allow the detainees of the Gaza Strip to meet their relatives, having been deprived from such visits since 2006 up till now… to stop the policies taken against them; such as, the sudden nocturnal inspection of their rooms; to stop the humiliating strip inspections, which is humiliating for them and their families during the social visits.”
Ms. Amnai Al-Senwar, the Regional Director of the Euro-Med in Amman, commented that: "The institutions signing the appeal are acting in this appeal as a united coalition with all the international institutions, especially the UN Human Rights Council and its committees, and pledges to take the necessary measures to support the demands of prisoners on hunger strike, according to the development of their strike and the response of the Israeli side to their demands.”
It is worth mentioning that the signature on the international appeal "Thirst for Freedom" is still open to all organizations and human rights organizations around the world that desires to join this appeal. The Appeal can be accessed through the website of the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory, or through direct contact with its headquarters in Geneva, or the regional administration in the Amman, Jordan

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