Monday, July 19, 2010

Israel extends administrative detention of Nablus man

Nablus - Ma'an - Israeli authorities renewed the administrative detention of Reda Khaled for a further three months Monday, a prisoners affairs representative said.

Maysar Atyani said Khaled, from a refugee camp near Nablus, was arrested in December 2008 but has spent seven years in Israeli prisons on-and-off.

The longest period the father of five has spent with his family is one year, his wife said.

Under administrative detention, detainees receive no charge or trial. Under international law, it is only permitted in very extreme, rigidly restricted circumstances.

Israel has administratively detained thousands of Palestinians, sometimes for many years, without prosecuting them. Prisoners are never told what they are charged with, and their lawyers are not allowed to see evidence.

The Israeli peace organization B'Tselem says Israel's use of the practice is "extremely extensive," and that "often authorities use administrative detention as a quick and efficient alternative to criminal trial, primarily when they do not have sufficient evidence to charge the individual."