Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relatives of prisoners complain of humiliating search

[ 18/07/2010 - 09:00 AM ]

NEGEV, (PIC)-- Relatives of Palestinian prisoners have complained of the humiliating search on the part of Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) that in certain instances included strip search.
The mother of prisoner Mohammed Al-Masri, who is held in the Negev prison, said on Saturday that she was forced to wait for a long time by the prison administration before female recruits thoroughly searched her then forced her to take off most of her clothes at the pretext of looking for mobile phones.
The Negev prisoners threatened to go on hunger strike in the event the administration maintained its humiliating and provocative search of the prisoners and their relatives.
In another incident related to the Palestinian prisoners, a committee for prisoners' affairs in 1948 occupied Palestine organized a sit-in at the Hadarim jail in solidarity with the prisoners and in protest at the arbitrary measures and continued search campaigns maintained against them for the past week.
Relatives of prisoners staged the sit-in near the jail despite the IOA's declaration of the area a closed military zone and closing the jail.
The relatives raised photos of prisoners and signs calling for cancellation of the so-called Shalit law that imposed more restrictions on the prisoners.
They urged human rights groups to send representatives to the Israeli prisons to inquire about the conditions of the prisoners.