Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eight youths detained in Um Al Fahim

Tuesday March 31, 2009 12:24 by IMEMC & Agencies

The Israeli police detained eight Arab youths in Um Al Fahim Arab town, north of the country, after claiming that the eight attacked settlers in the town last week.

Image by Arabs48

One of the eight detained youths is below eighteen. Several residents stood guard last week and attempted to prevent extremist settlers who were planning to conduct provocative marches in Um Al Fahim.

The Arabs48 news website reported that the number of Arab youth detained by the police recently arrived to 38, and that some of them were released, while the rest are still detained without charges or trial.

The police still did not decide whether to release the youths or file charges against them. They were detained while trying to prevent extremist armed settlers from marching in their town.

The police admitted to an Israeli court that the police are using an internal technique in which policemen determine the charges against Arab residents on the moment of their arrest, even before they are officially interrogated.

Several lawyers from Um Al Fahim volunteered to defend the detained youth, asked them not to bow to pressure during interrogation, and gave them brochures informing them of their rights.