Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Arab residents sentenced to 14 years for “aiding the enemy”

Friday March 27, 2009 09:35 by IMEMC & Agencies

The Central Israeli Court in Haifa convicted on Thursday two Arab residents of Israel of “aiding the enemy” during the war on Gaza.

Archive - Haifa Court, image by
Archive - Haifa Court, image by

The court sentenced Anis Jamil Saffoury for 14 years after convicting him of “contacting the enemy during the time of war, contacting a foreign agent and planning to kill Israeli pilots and scientists”.

Saffoury was also convicted of monitoring Israeli military roadblocks in order to plan and carry attacks against them.

Furthermore, the court convicted Husam khaled Khail of contacting the enemy and concealing information, and sentenced him to two years imprisonment.

The prosecution claimed that the two confessed to the charges against them during interrogation.

The two were not allowed to meet their lawyers or contact them during the interrogation period.

Although no connection between the two cases, the judges referred to the booby-trapped vehicle that was found last Saturday at the external parking lot of Lev HaMifratz Mall in Haifa, and said that their ruling is reasonable.

Abnna Al-balad rejects sentences against 2 of its members

Freedom to All Palestinian Prisoners
The so-called Israeli Central Court of Haifa, composed of three racist judges issued a 14 years sentence against comrade Jamil Anis Suffori on charges of “aiding the enemy and foreign agent and planning to kill pilots”. The court also sentenced comrade Hussam Khaled Khalil an actual imprisonment for two years on charges of providing assistance to the enemy and hide information .

The movement of Abnna Al-balad (People of the country) in the occupied Palestine 1948 said in a statement today , Friday march 27th 200 . “according to the prosecution's claim the detainees confessed to the charges against them after an investigation that lasted more than two weeks without being allowed to see and meet with lawyers and family."

Abnna Al-balad rejected the court decision, saying that “ this is part of the political prosecutions against many of our members and comrades and it targets the masses of our people at home" adding that " the physical and psychological pressure exerted on the detainees during the investigation and the false confessions " are fabricated charges.