Friday, October 14, 2011

Lawyer: 35 female detainees to be released

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israel is to release more than 27 female detainees under the terms of a swap deal that was agreed between Hamas and the Israeli government, a prisoners society lawyer said Wednesday.

Jacqueline Fararja said 35 detainees would be released, a few more than the number mentioned by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal when he gave an overview of the deal.

They are 27 sentenced to jail terms, five held without charge, and three others under Israel's administrative detention system, which allows prisoners to be detained for six months at a time during investigations.

Ma'an could not independently verify the number, but Fararja provided a list of 35 names. They are sorted by the place of origin and the number of years each prisoner had been sentenced before the deal. While Israel and Hamas say all female prisoners will be freed, the official count is still 27.

Dua Ziad al-Jayousy – 3 life sentences, 33 years
Iman Muhammad Ghazzawi – 13 years
Nisreen Atef Abu Zeineh – 2 years and 8 months
Abeer Mahmud Odeh – arrested

Abeer Atef Amr – 16 years
Randa Yousef Shahateet – 4 years
Alya Muhammad al-Jaabari – administrative detention
Ramia Rateb Abu Samra – arrested
Feda Atef Abu Suneineh

Qahera Said al-Saadi – 3 life sentences
Faten Bassam al-Saadi – 4 years
Hana Yahia Shalabi – administrative detention
Rima Riyad Daraghma – 25 years
Muna Hussein Awa Qaadan

Ahlam Aref al-Tamimi – 16 life sentences
Sana Muhammad Shehada – 3 life sentences
Sumud Yasser Karaja – 20 years
Bushra Jamal al-Tawil – arrested
Hanyeh Muneer Nasser

Amal Fayez Juma – 11 years
Fatna Mustafa Abu al-Eish – 11 years
Sanabel Nabegh Barik – 4 years
Linan Yousef Abu Ghalma – administrative detention
Latifa Muhammad Abu Thera

Erena Nicholay Sarahna – 20 years
Aysha Muhammad Obayyat – 3 years
Hannan Ahmad Ali Hammouz

Suad Ahmad Nazzal – 2.5 years

Mariam Salem Tarabeen – 8 years

Gaza Strip
Wafa Sameer al-Bes – 11 years

Amneh Jawad Manneh – life sentence
Ibtesam Abdul Hafez al-Issawi – 15 years

Worood Maher Qassem – 6.5 years
Lina Ahmad Jarbuni – 17 years
Khadija Kayed Abu Ayesh – 3 years and 9 months