Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The International Campaign Publishes the Israeli Violation in the Palestinian Prisoner Day

The International Campaign/ Special 


The International Campaign for Releasing the Abducted MPs publishes the Israeli violation against the MPs since the last April in the Palestinian Prisoner Day.
It asserted that the past year witnesses series of violation against the MPs and their families. It added “the occupation is still refusing the results of the Palestinian democratic elections and doing all efforts to cancel the transparent results"

Policy of Re-abduction

The campaign pointed out that the occupation had re-abducted nine of the Change and Reform Bloc MPs and transferred them to the administrative detention who are “ Hatem Qefisha, Mahmoud El Ramahi, Nayef Rojoob, Muhammad El Tal, Khalil El Rabaie, Omer Abdel Razek, Muhammad El Natsha, Azam Salhab, and Muhammad Badr”

Breaking into Houses

The campaign added “  the scene of breaking into houses before abduction is repeated with the nine MPs in addition of breaking into the house of  MP Muhammad Abu Jihesha  and the MP threatened to be deported, Ahmad Atoun, for two times”
Abduction of Relatives

The campaign stated that the occupation practices all methods of repression  against the MPs and their families as it abducted 7 members of their families who are ( son of Abu Jihesha, son of Omer Abdel Razeq, nephew of Atoun, son of Halayqa, son of El Ramahi, and brother of Qifesha)"

Deprivation from Performing El Haj

The campaign added that “ the occupation does not stop violating the personal human rights of the MPs. For example, the occupation deprived ( MP. Abdel Rahman Zeidan, Muhammad El Tal and Muhammad Abu Jihesha and Samir El Qadi) from performing pilgrimage last year.

From Abduction to Deportation
The campaign continued publishing the most serious violation committed by the Israeli occupation which is issuing the decision of deportation against the Jerusalemite MPs  ( Muhammad Abu Teer, Muhammad Totah, and Ahmad Atoun) and the former minister, Khalid Abu Arafah, after their release from the Israeli jails.

he campaign mentioned that the occupation had abducted MP. Muhammad Abu Teer on 30th of June,2010 from his house then he was deported to the West Bank on 8th of December,2010.  Atoun, Totah and Abu Arafah resorted to the headquarter of the Red Cross for refusing the unjust decision of deportation since 1st of July,2010 till this moment.
The campaign warned from the Israeli schemas targeting to evacuate the city from their citizens starting with the symbols of the Palestinian people

Calling for Urgent Steps

The International Campaign called the (parliamentary, legal and human rights) International institutions to hold their responsibilities in defending the human rights and the principles of democracy and to try the Israeli criminals who violate the norms of the International law and Forth Geneva Convention."