Monday, April 11, 2011

Israel Imposes New Series of Punitive Measures against Prisoners in Ofer

RAMALLAH, April 11, 2011 (WAFA) – Israeli Penitentiary Administration Monday imposed a series of punitive measures on Palestinian prisoners in ‘Ofer’ prison, south of Ramallah city, after a delegation from the administration paid an unannounced visit to the prison.
Director of the Center for Defence of liberties & civil rights “Hurryyat”, Helmi al-A’raj, told WAFA that the Penitentiary Administration has taken a number of punitive decisions against prisoners; deprive them from education in universities, prevent the entry of  newspapers to the prison, reduce the number of television stations, and threaten to impose collective punishments on prisoners if any prisoner commits a violation on the security level, pointing out that these measures will be applied in the other prisons.
He also said that 52 year-old prisoner Yasser Rajoub’s health is seriously deteriorating, in Ofer prison.
He added that prisoners demand the immediate release of  Rjoub who suffers from lung cancer and his condition is very critical, holding the prison’s Administration full responsible for his life.