Thursday, September 10, 2009

PA Police: Israeli troops detain 9, overrun 5 governorates

Published Tuesday 08/09/2009 (updated) 09/09/2009 15:28

Ramallah – Ma’an – Israeli troops overran five of the West Bank’s 12 governorates Tuesday, Palestinian Authority police reported, noting nine Palestinians were detained in the 12 hours since sunset.

In the Ramallah governorate troops entered the Al-Jalzon Refugee Camp and raided half a dozen homes. Police identified 18-year-old Ala Saleh Abu Sharifeh as the one person detained during the raids.

In the Tulkarem governorate troops overran the capital and raided the house of Ja’far Odeh, who was handed an order to present himself to Israeli intelligence. Troops then raided the house of Adnan Samara, also in Tulkarem city and detained Muhammad Munir Abu Safyeh and Abdul Latif Munir Abu Safyeh.

Elsewhere in the governorate troops raided Saffarin village and invaded the homes of Adnan As-Safarini, Nael Ahmad Hassan and Talal Al-Haj. According to police, Al-Haj was detained by Israeli forces and taken to an unknown location.

South of Tulkaren in the Qalqiliya governorate Israeli forces overran the village of Azzun Atma and raided the house of Ghassan Abdel Latif Adwan, detaining his 20-year-old son Nihad.

In Tubas governorate east of Tulkarem Israeli troops overran Tammoun and Al-Far’a villages where they broke into dozens of houses related to Bassam Yousef Abu Sh’eib and Jihad S’oud Yoused Soboh. The forces detained Wael Khaled Jamal Suboh, 22, Jamal Khaled Suboh, 25, and Mahmoud Rajeh Abu El-Habal 40.

In the soutnern West Bank governorate of Hebron, troops overran the Wad Aziz neighborhood of Ethna village and raided Abdel Hafeth Awad’s home, detaining 20-year-old Waddah Muhammad Rashid Abu Jhisheh.