Sunday, February 14, 2010

Violent night raid and arrest of 19 children in Jalazon camp

February 11, 2010

[RAMALLAH, 11 February 2010] - DCI-Palestine is gravely concerned by the Israeli army’s arrest of 19 children from Al-Jalazon refugee camp last night.
According to initial information collected today by DCI-Palestine, Israeli troops entered Jalazon at around midnight on Wednesday, 10 February, then went from house to house and started rounding up, beating and harassing residents of the camp. The night raid ended at approximately 5:00am when the army withdrew. It appears that a total of 19 children were arrested in addition to adult residents of the camp.
According to DCI-Palestine’s initial information, which will shortly be verified, among the 19 children arrested were: five children aged 14, seven children aged 15, four children aged 16, and three children aged 17.
Residents interviewed by DCI-Palestine today said that, during the raid, Israeli soldiers broke or blasted open doors of houses and thus terrified the children. It was also reported that some Israeli soldiers beat up children in their bed to wake them up. Residents of the camp reported being terrified; they had not been subjected to such a violent night raid in years.
DCI-Palestine condemns the violence of such Israeli military operations and is gravely concerned by the night time arrest of so many children. We are trying to locate the children, inform the families of their situation, and provide them with legal representation and advice.