Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Two prominent Palestinian prisoners in solitary confinement in Israeli prison are on hunger strike for a fourth day Monday.

The two say they will not end the hunger strike until they are out of solitary confinement, according to Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies.

The center’s director, Foad Al-Khafash, said lawyer Muhammad Abdeen visited Sheikh Jamal Abu Al-Hayja and Ahid Ghalama in Ramleh prison and they told him that the Israeli prison service offered to let them meet with solitary confinement experts to help them cope with the situation, but they refused.

"We will leave this confinement either to a cemetery or to normal cells with other prisoners," they told the lawyer.

Sheikh Abu Al-Hayja was one of the Palestinian fighters who led Palestinian resistance during the Battle of Jenin April 1-11, 2002 in when Israeli forces invaded the refugee camp as part of Operation Defensive Sheild.

Abu Ghalama masterminded the assassination in 2001 of former Israeli minister of tourism Rehavam Ze’evi founder of the far-right Israeli party Moledet which advocated the forced transfer of the Palestinian population.