Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The release of Adeeb Abu -Rahmah

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 http://www.bilin-ffj.org/images/stories/%26%231575%3B%26%231583%3B%26%231610%3B%26%231576%3B%201.jpg Photo By Hamde Abu-Rahma
 http://www.bilin-ffj.org/images/stories/%26%231575%3B%26%231583%3B%26%231610%3B%26%231576%3B%202.jpg Photo By Hamde Abu-Rahma

Bil'in - Ramallah:12-12-2010. Released by the Israeli Occupation Forces today from Ofer Prison is central activist Adeeb Abo Rahma (age 40) who is from the village of Bil'in, after being incarcerated for 18 months, and was suspending from participating in any political activity for a period of four years. Should Abo Rahma be caught within this period, he will be fined 6,000 NIS on charges of incitement and obstructing the work of the army as well as conducting peaceful demonstrations against the Wall in Bil'in. The military court in Ofer finally sentenced the activist Adeeb Abo Rahma on August 30, 2010, but the ruling prosecutors hinted that he might be relieved of his political suspension between six and twelve months. The activist Adeeb Abo Rahma was arrested on July 10, 2009 during his participation in Bilin weekly demonstration photos by hamdi abu rahma.