Monday, August 17, 2009

300 martyrs' bodies in the Zionist prisons

300 martyrs' bodies in the Zionist prisons

Al Qassam website - The minister for prisoner affairs, Issa Qaraqe said that 96 Palestinians killed in Zionist prisons since 1967. The last martyr was Jumaa Mussa from Jerusalem, who martyred because of medical negligence.

Qaraqe said that the largest number of them fell during the last ten years and pointed out that 300 martyrs' bodies are still blocked in the military Zionist figures graves of the population of the West Bank and Gaza.

Qaraqe statements made during his visit to the family home of Shadi Darwish in the twentieth anniversary of his martyrdom.

Qaraqe revealed that 47% of the martyrs were a result of torture of prisoners in the cellars of the investigation, and the rest were due to medical negligence and murder in the prisons and camps, noting that more than 200 executions carried out by the Israeli army and special units against the prisoners after their arrest or bleeding after leaving the injury to death.

It was noted that many of those who were executed outside the scope of the judiciary could have been arrested instead of killed, and the number of martyrs executed, after arrest, referring that the Zionist approach, based on the detention of the bodies of Palestinian martyrs in the tombs of the Zionist figures for many years as punishment, is a blot on the conscience of humanity and the principles of human rights and a war crime.

He said: The Zionist Government is still holding hundreds of bodies of the martyrs for many years, where the bodies of the dead are abducted in closed military zones to prevent the citizens and journalists to access.

Qaraqe noted that Zionist sources revealed that these tombs, which hold numbers rather than names of the martyrs, are eroding from dogs and wild animals and erosion during the winter, pointing out that the Zionist occupation is holding 18 martyrs from Bethlehem, in this cemetery since 7 years.

Qaraqe said that many of the bodies of prisoners detained in prison after the martyrdom for many years, including Al-Jaafari, who was martyred in the Nafha prison in 1980 and detained 15-year-old body, and called for the revival of the national day to recover the bodies of the martyrs, which was adopted by the Council of Ministers and to be considered as the 8-27 a national day to recover bodies of the dead captured.