Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seriously ill Palestinian prisoner refused treatment and humanitarian visits

06.08.09 - 11:12


Jenin / Ali Samoudi – The International Medical Commission tried earlier this week to visit Haj Ali Al Safori, a Palestinian political prisoner suffering from untreated illness, but was denied entry.

Al Safori’s illness has gone undiagnosed and untreated for eight months in Israeli prison.

According to the World Commission for Palestine, occupation authorities refused to let a medical team or specialist visit Al Safori, who has been denied treatment and is now experiencing complications related to his illness.

A statement issued by the committee condemned the denial, which they said aims to disguise the Israeli flagrant violations of prisoner rights, putting lives such as Al Safori’s at risk.

He has launched dozens of appeals for treatment in accordance with the tenets of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, but occupation authorities have denied them. Prison officials have also prevented humanitarian organizations from working to protect Palestinian prisoner rights and well-being through legitimate international charters.

A photo obtained by Palestine News Network shows Al Safori’s condition, including a facial rash and hair loss.

The Palestinian political prisoner recently told his family that his health is still poor, but that the prison administration refused to reveal his medical test results.

The family described his face as yellow and covered with small scars and boils, but said that prison officials refuse to let the Commission and medical specialists visit him for examination and treatment.

Last month, Al Safori was taken to an Israeli prison hospital for blood and skin tests. But he said he was returned to the prison prior to treatment, and was not told the test results. He said he called the doctor, who refused to return to the prison administration. He also said that the prison doctor would not allow him to be seen by the Red Cross.

Al Safori appealed to several organizations to pressure occupation authorities for immediate treatment, to no avail.

The northern West Bank man was arrested during the major attack on Jenin Refugee Camp in April 2002 on charges of being a leader of the armed resistance wing of Islamic Jihad, Saraya Al Quds.