Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PFLP Prisoners' Commission denounces occupation attacks on Palestinian prisoners

From the PFLP website

Free the Pioneers of Independence
The Prisoners' Commission of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned Zionist attacks on Palestinian prisoners in a statement released on August 4, 2009.

In particular, the Prisoners' Commission denounced the attacks on prisoners in the Naqab desert prison, where occupation forces stormed the prison with tear gas and batons and beat and abused prisoners. 3 prisoners were wounded and their property stolen from them.

The Commission condemned the policy of nighttime raids on the prisoners, an abuse that has become common in recent months. It also called for an end to the repeated transfers of prisoners between prisons, in an attempt to isolate prisoners from one another and undermine prisoner communication and organizing, as well as the continued policies of isolation, solitary confinement and collective punishment and expressed its outrage at the continual escalation and violation of our heroic prisoners' rights by the Israeli prison administration.

The Commission noted that the rights of the prisoners were won through the long and valiant strggle of the priosners themselves and through the many years of heroism of the Palestinian prisoner movement, and declared that the Palestinian people outside the prisons will not leave our prisoners to confront the occupier alone, but instead will stand as one to defend our prisoners' rights and secure their freedom.

The Commission called upon all Palestinian, Arab and international human rights organizations to increase their activity and expose the crimes of the Zionist occupation, and intensify their support for the Palestinian prisoners and their rights and their full freedom.