Monday, August 17, 2009

OF kidnap Palestinian female ex-detainees

OF kidnap Palestinian female ex-detainees
Al Qassam website 16-08-2009,09:00

Agencies - The ministry of prisoners’ affairs said on Saturday that the Zionist entity deliberately kidnaps female ex-detainees after their release from its jails, noting that ZOF troops stationed at the container checkpoint in Bethlehem kidnapped days ago a released prisoner called Aisha Abayat.

Director of the information office in the ministry of prisoners' affairs Riyadh Al-Ashqar stated that Abayat was kidnapped by ZOF troops when she was still a little girl under age 15 and was isolated in solitary confinement more than once in the jails of Jalama, Telmond and Ayalon.

He added that Abayat had gone on hunger strike in protest at her imprisonment conditions and sustained wounds after she and her prison mates were physically assaulted by Zionist soldiers in a bid to dissuade them from their strike.

Abayat was released on 24/6/2008 after spending more than six years in Zionist jails and was kidnapped a new few days ago.

Ashqar pointed out that Abayat was not the only female prisoner kidnapped again after her release, saying that the Zionist entity abducted more than a month ago ex-detainee Abeer Odeh just three months after her release.

The official appealed to human rights organizations and the Red Cross to intervene to stop this arbitrary policy against those ex-detainees and get Abayat and Odeh released from the Zionist jails.