Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ex-Aqsa fighters in Amnesty program seek end to 16-month imprisonment

Date: 25 / 04 / 2009 Time: 18:34

Nablus - Ma’an - A group of ex-fighters taking part in Israel’s amnesty deal demanded on Saturday that their files, now 16-months-old, be completed so they can finally leave the Palestinian Authority Prison they committed themselves to and return to normal life.

The men, all former members of the Al-Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, signed a renunciation of violence agreement and turned in their weapons when they voluntarily entered the Juneid Prison west of Nablus 16 months ago.

Since then they have waited for their official pardons to be granted from Israel, so they can stop living undercover and return to live with their families.

The men sent a collective appeal to Ma’an News Agency and asked the Palestinian side to pressure Israel into putting a close to their cases. There has been no indication, however, as to whether or not the new Israeli government will honor the deal struck with the fighters and the Olmert administration.

Those who signed the appeal were:

1-Husni Suleiman AS-Salah
2-Mohammad Tayseer Mohammad Melhem
3-Hasan Abd Al-Fattah A’reiysha
4-Mohammad Fathi Abd Ar-Rahman Mansour
5-Haitham Mohammad Lutfi Te’mah
6-Mohammad Saber Hammad Marshud
7-Nedal Nader A’del Suleiman
8-Sabri Mohammd Sabri Al-Kurdi
9-Yousef Hasan Mahmoud Tayeh
10-Ali Issa Mansour Nassar
11-Khaled As’ad Abed Al-Wahhab Darwish
12-Mohammad Mustafa Mohammad An-Nadi