Friday, April 3, 2009

The Israeli forces are targeting Palestinian women researchers of Prisoners files

Report by Iqbal Tamimi

The Israeli occupation forces arrested early this morning 31 March 2009 a researcher at the Centre of Studies of Prisoners. The arrested researcher is Rajaa Algul (39) is in charge of the file of Palestinian women prisoners who happens to be one of the freed ex prisoners at Israeli jails. Rajaa suffers a heart problem and her colleagues at the Centre are holding the Israeli authorities full responsibility should her health deteriorate.
Rajaa was arrested after the soldiers surrounded her home and her father’s home and her father in law’s house in the city of Jenin where they live in a refugee camp; the force was accompanied by the Israeli intelligence personnel’s.

Israeli forces also seized a number of computers from an Internet cafe that belongs to Rajaa’s brother after raiding the cafe in the camp, in addition to seizing her own personal computer and the four cellular phones belonging to the family.

The ex prisoner Rajaa AlGhoul suffer from a problem in the arteries, and has been imprisoned in the Israeli occupation jails for four years before.

The Director of the Centre for Studies of prisoners Rrf’at Hamduna is holding Israeli authorities full responsibility for her life, especially that Al-Ghoul because of the difficult conditions and ill-treatment experienced by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails which puts their lives at risk.

Hamduna called upon the international institutions and international bodies to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop the violations of human rights and its illegal practices against the Palestinian prisoners.

The Centre for Studies of prisoners sees that the arrest of Rajaa is a flagrant violation of human rights and international conventions, and condemned the occupation forces’ targeting human rights figures especially that they have already arrested a week ago, the freed prisoner Siham Alheeh from the city of Hebron who is also working as a prisoners’ researcher.
The Centre pleas to the media to raise the matter about targeting and arresting human rights activists and researchers, and requests of lawyers and, institutions, associations and all who are interested in human rights to support them.