Friday, April 3, 2009

She died waitng for him to come back

The Nafha Prison

She died waiting for him to come back

by Natalie Abou Shakra

posted on Moments of Gaza on the 25th of March

Yesterday I went to the funeral of Umm Gazi the mother of a 51 year old political prisoner in the Nafha prison who has been imprionsed since the age of 23. Umm Gazi has not seen her son for 25 years... the last time he called was two weeks ago for three minutes, his sister told me.

Umm Gazi had joined us in the protest at the Ministry of Palestinian Political Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs on Sunday to join tens of mothers who could make it to the protest in Gaza city. She hoped, that by attending, her son would see her on television...

On her way back home, as she laid her head on her friend's shoulder, who is also a mother whose son is imprisoned, she died... without a sound, in a dream of his return... how many parents, mothers and fathers, have fallen to such a reality?

Umm Gazi, in the eyes of many stands as a symbol of endurance, steadfastness and resistence...

We do not know if Gazi was informed... the usual procedure is to complete a form that the Red Cross would deliver to the prison's administration to deliver to Gazi... what a horrid way to recieve such a notification... from the hands of the murderer, I hear of my mother's death...

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