Thursday, April 30, 2009

Galboa’ Prison Administration to enforce Orange jumpsuits

Thursday April 30, 2009 10:40 by IMEMC & Agencies

Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) reported Wednesday that the Prison Administration in Galboa’ Israeli Prison informed the representative of the detainees that it intends to enforce Orange jumpsuits on the detainees starting next Sunday.

Galboa Prison - Image reprinted from
Galboa Prison - Image reprinted from

Detainee Mohammad Al Sabbagh, representative of the detainees, stated that the administration threatened to punish the detainees if they do not comply with the decision.

Al Sabbagh added that the administration threatened to bar the detainees from their visitation rights, bar them from meeting their lawyers and even threatened to bar them from leaving their rooms, even if they need the prison clinic.

He also said that this decision is totally rejected by the detainees, and that they will protest it.

In a previous statement, the detainees said that one of the reasons they reject the new order is that the jumpsuits remind them of the infamous Guantanamo bay prison and of concentration camps in which the Jews were prosecuted and massacred during the Nazi era.