Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Israel to pardon 25 Al-Aqsa members in PA protective custody

Date: 16 / 06 / 2009 Time: 14:10

Nablus – Ma’an exclusive – Israeli authorities will pardon 25 members affiliated with the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the West Bank who are currently under Palestinian Authority protective custody, security sources said Tuesday.

The decision to pardon the 25 came following a meeting between Israeli and Palestinian security personnel Monday evening.

Most of the men, all listed as “wanted” by Israel, have been waiting for their official pardon for more than a year after turning themselves in to PA protective custody in a deal that sees Israel promise to cease pursuing them in return for a signed statement saying they will give up resistance activity.

A PA security source said the men would be released to the custody of their families as the official releases go through.

A partial list of the men being pardoned is as follows:

1- Fayez At-Tirawi, total release.
2- Tareq Suleiman, total release.
3- Fadi Al-Shawwa, total release.
4- Muhammad Mansour, to remain at home.
5- Ja’far As-Samhan, to remain at home.
6- Ashraf Az-Zreiqi, to remain at home.
7- Muhammad Al-Khalili, to remain at home.
8- Tha’er Dudin, to remain at home.
9- Thyab Hijjah, to remain at home.
10- Saber Al-Msimi, to remain at home.
11- Yasin Hamad, partial release.
12- Rashad Bilal Hassan Abed, partial release.
13- Yousef Tayeh, partial release.
14- Muhammad An-Nady, partial release.
15- Khaled Darwish, partial release.
16- Iyab Al-Aynabousi, partial release.
17- Nidal Hamdy, partial release.
18- Azmi Rajab At-Taqtouq, partial release.