Saturday, June 20, 2009

Warm and an official reception for Mohamad Al-Aye after 17 years of detention

from the Waed society website

Wa’ed Society for detainees and liberated, a delegation from Hamas affiliated Change and Reform Block and Public presence welcomed Mohamad AL-Aye who was released after 17 years of imprisonment .Mohamad Al-Aye is from Al-Tufah neighborhood in Gaza city.

He is a leader of captive movement in the Israeli prisons. He was sentenced for 17 years accusing him of committing resistance acts. Fawzi Barhoum, Leader in Hamas movement, congratulated Mohamad’s family on his release from Israeli prison ,praised his steadfastness and confirmed Hamas consistency on the requirementsto accomplish prisoners swap .

He added also we celebrate

Mohamad’s release today, thousand prisoners soon andwe stood on our demands to release last detainee from Israeli prison during a highly impressive and an official celebration. In a statement, Mohamad promised detainees to continue the way of resistance in order to release the rest of detainees from Israeli prison I. He praised the steadfastness of resistance and its achievement in Al-Forqan war andtalked about the detainees suffering and Israeli cruel acts against detainees. The spoke man of the society, Abd Allah Kandeel, expressed his great pleasure towards releasing Mohamed Al Aye and he gloried in detainees’ steadfastness and insistence to continue struggle and resistance way.