Saturday, May 23, 2009

Israeli troops wound Palestinian elderly woman, arrest 9 Palestinians in the West Bank

Jenin, May 23, 2009, (Ramattan)- Israeli occupation forces on Saturday wounded a Palestinian old woman and arrested nine Palestinians in the two cities of Jenin and Hebron in the West Bank, Palestinians sources said.

Security sources reported that the Israeli troops thrust into the city of Jenin and arrested six citizens including a 16-year-old boy Mazen Hanana.

Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers stormed the house of Al-Khaldi family in Jenin and arrested five brothers and wounded their mother.

They said that the soldiers blew up the door of the house and wounded Fatima Al-Khaldi, 85-year-old.

Members of Al-Khaldi family said the soldiers stole around USD 3000 from the house.

In the meantime the Israeli troops arrested three citizens in the city of Hebron, according to Palestinian security sources.

Israeli troops detain three, search homes near Hebron
Date: 23 / 05 / 2009 Time: 11:24

Hebron - Ma'an - Israeli forces detained three from Beit Al-Roush village south of Hebron, during a raid before sunrise Friday morning.

Security sources said Israeli forces raided the village, broke into and searched houses and detained three men identified as:
Hassan Kamal Hassan Ash-Shawamreh, 20,
Rasmi Fayez Rasmi Ash-Shawamreh, 18,
Mohamed Ghalib Suleiman Ash-Shawamreh, 20

All were taken to an unknown location for questioning.