Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Palestinian political prisoners denied fans and seasonal clothing as summer hits desert prisons

25.05.09 - 14:04

Nablus / PNN – Palestinian political prisoners are suffering from new impediments as the summer season is upon them.

The Center for Prisoners Studies confirmed Monday that the introduction of summer clothes, shoes and fans has been banned by Israeli prison authorities.

The summer heat is sweltering in Palestine, particularly in the Israeli areas of the Naqab Desert where several prisons are located, notably Beerseeba, Naqab and Ramon. Purchases are also restricted through the prison stores, referred to as Al Cantin.

In a letter regarding the status of Palestinian political prisoners they indicate that new lows are continually reached, with violations exceeding the lowest moral levels.

The Center for Prisoners Studies said today that it is the duty of the media to draw attention to the violations of international and humanitarian law.