Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Settlers smash shops in E Jerusalem’s Old City, soldiers attack prisoner rights officials

22.05.09 - 20:57

Jerusalem / Maisa Abu Ghazaleh for PNN – Last night units of Israeli Special Forces assaulted a number of East Jerusalem residents.

Among the injured are officials in the Palestinian political prisoners movement, including the director of the Palestinian Prisoners Society-Jerusalem, Ala’ Haddad who chairs the Committee for Prisoners of Jerusalem, Mohidan Abu Assab, Ashraf Dhaher and Maher Abu Sneineh.

They were assaulted, severely beaten with batons and rifle butts, while walking in the streets of the Old City. Jihad Nasser was attacked and his father tried to aid him. Several people attempted to hide in a clothing store in the marketplace however the Israeli special forces tore into the shop and continued the assault. The shop owner, Mohidan Abu Assab, was beaten and rushed to Hadassah Hospital.

In the same area, East Jerusalem’s Old City, Israeli settlers smashed shop windows and streets lights on Al Wad Street, Jaffa Gate, and other areas. Several marauding marches were underway with Israeli soldiers and police doing nothing to stop the Jewish settlers who continued their attacks on Palestinian property throughout the Old City.

On Jaffa Street a private car of a Jerusalem citizen was attacked by a group of these settlers before the driver was able to escape. Two other vehicles were stoned in the same area, including a public vehicle.

With the Israeli Prime Minister dismissing international law and claiming that religious sanctities in the holy city will be under Israeli control, levying fines against Palestinians who do not voluntarily evacuate their homes for settlers or parks, and revoking identification, there is little recourse for Jerusalemites who are also under the rule of a mayor who as a campaign promise said he would “make more housing for young Jews in East Jerusalem.”